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As an Affiliated VOW Partner (AVP) and to comply with your real estate board’s VOW Data Feed Agreement and MLS® Rules and Policies, access to the VOW Data Feed without an approved Data Feed Agreement is prohibited. You must maintain an active validly authorized VOW Data Feed Agreement to have access to the Data Feed at all times.

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The initial term of this Agreement shall begin on the day (“Effective Date”) Account creation and activation is done and has been communicated to you by an Activation Notice email, and shall continue in force on month-to-month basis, until either of the parties notifies the other party (in writing) at least one (1) full month prior to their intent not to renew this Agreement (“Notification Date”).

A "Trial Period" starts on the “Effective Date” for one (1) week, during which you can cancel the agreement needless of any notice period. Your payment cycle begins at the end of the Trial Period, and your payment obligations remain in force until the Agreement has been terminated, at least one (1) full month after the Notification Date. Pay-Per-Use services are due immediately and will be charged directly to your payment method or against the balance of your account.

Custom Domain DNS settings and personalization of the system will be fulfilled per your request and after you provide the required content (i.e. headshots, logos…) any time after the Effective Date, and do not effect or determine the Effective Date or your payment liabilities. Some requested changes and/or alterations may be subject to additional payments or different arrangements.

Board Agreements, VOW/IDX Datafeed agreements must be submitted to the Board. However, The website will be deployed regardless of the Agreements being submitted and Apostrophe Solutions/REMARKETER is not responsible for late submission of Agreements by you or your Brokerage. The same applies in case of brokerage change. You are responsible to maintain a valid data feed agreement with your board at all times. Apostrophe Solutions/REMARKETER do not provide access to your board data feed until receipt of a confirmation from your board confirming you eligibility to have access to the data feed.

Custom Domain assignment, accessibility of data feeds and some website/platform functionality may be subject to board/brokerage regulations and may only be activated upon receipt of approval from board/brokerage. The platform is available to real estate boards and brokerages with varying regulations/policies. You are responsible to consistently monitor and notify us immediately in the event that a function/feature may not be compliant with your local board/brokerage regulations. We will then either adjust or remove that function for you.

You are liable for any reproduction of third-party content, provided under various modules of the platform including but not limited to market reports, real estate news, listings, etc. The inclusion of such content is for the sole purpose of informative communication. Monetization, resale and/or reproduction of such content outside the scope of this agreement is prohibited. We do not assume responsibility for any improper use of the website, tools and content provided through the platform.

This agreement is non-refundable and non-transferable. Quoted prices are not inclusive of applicable taxes.

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